Warriors and their pets

She loves her birth stat bear

Birth Stat Elephant and a cutie pie!

Taking a nap with her cuddly heart warrior blanket

Sleeping with his heart warrior blanket

Braxton is loving his moose!

Happy little fella in Australia!

A hero with his trusty warrior pet! ❤️💙 Fighting CHD together!

A little boy and his monkey, how sweet.

The look of wonder as she sees her warrior pet for the first time.

Best friends swinging away!

Jack and his warrior sidekick!

I love my warrior pet so much! I've named him Stubby and he will be coming with me to my next visit to MUSC! Thank you so much!💕❤

Mason said he will never forget who he is when he’s upset with himself because he can read all the wonderful things he is on his warrior pets belly

I love my Warrior Bear her name is Stephie

Dj and "bananas" before he left for his trip.

Check this out mommy - it's got my name on here

Connie LOVES her new Warrior Pet! ❤

Ed loves Roary the Dragon Warrior Pet! It was a great friend during his 10 month in patient hospital stay until he got a new perfect heart!!

Collin loves is warrior pet. Spent two weeks with him in the hospital

Taytem loves her warrior pet! She sleeps with it every night!

Blake took his warrior to the OR! Judy the Hedgehog was a favorite of all the nurses

Matthew loves his giraffe warrior pet.

Remi loves his penguin

Noah loves his buddy penguin.

Jackson loves his warrior pet!

Warrior Pets are loved by both children and adults.

Precious little heart warrior with her Warrior Pet.

He loves the soft feel of this hedgehog.

Shaylee loves her warrior pet!

Sleeping so soundly with her warrior pet.



Loving on his warrior pet during a hospital visit.

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